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Okay that’s it I’m finally gonna do it.

I’m going to play HetaOni.

You haven’t played it? D: Did you watch it on youtube or something?

Well, I played to the first chapter, but then fucking Steve or what the fuck ever killed me so I’m like “fuck that fuck this game”, and haven’t played since.

No. Get back out there soldier. You take Japan’s Katana and shove it up Steve’s ass kill Steve!!


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with plastic surgery, but I laugh in the face of fans who insist that their idols all natural, when their pre-debut photos say otherwise. If an idol’s jawline was thick and round as an adolescent, and now it’s slim and sharp, that’s plastic surgery. If their eyes were straight, and small back then, with no folds, but big and round now, with a fold, that’s surgery. Get over it. It’s South Korea for Gods sake, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.


Bikini Bottom just got real..

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