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Hai cuties~ (ノ^∇^) Elora and I have decided to host our first Tumblr Awards in celebrating of my blog turning one! *throws confetti* Time passes by so fast and I have to honestly enjoyed every single moment of it, especially with my twin Elora ( /)u( ) Thanks for dealing with me bbys~

Rules and Info:

 Must be following this bae (sakuratokki) and I (milkkiko)

 Reblog this post, as many as you please

 Likes don’t count but `you maybe like it for reference

 Tag the category you want to be in

 There will be 1 winner and 2 runner ups

 Ends October 22 (my blog turns one ;;;)


Chesecake: Best Monochrome Blog

Apple Pie: Best Theme

Ranbow Bits: Best Color-coded Blog.

Tiramisu: Best URL

Carrot Cake: Best Photography Blog

Chocolate Cake: Best Mixed Blog

Cupcake: Best Kawaii Blog

Red Velvet Cake: Best K-pop Blog

Blueberry Cake: Best Blue Blog

Strawberry Cake: Best Pink Blog

Vanilla Cake: Best K-Fashion Blog

Cake Pops: Best Playlist

Macaroons: Best Icon


❤ Follow back from both of us (if we’re not following you already)

❤ HTML help (if you want some ^^ )

❤ Promos for a week

❤ Our friendship and love u w u

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This is my first ever giveaway!

So I hope you guys enjoy!!!


This Giveaway includes:

Tights (Knee highs) (Black, Gray, Coffee, Navy, Khaki, Wine Red, & Beige)

Gloves with fur (Purple, Pink, Khaki, Black, White, Rose, Beige, Red, & Coffee)

Hello Kitty Tissue Box (Definitely need that!!)

A little beanie (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9)

A hoodie! (Optional, can remove from winnings) (Gray, Blue, Black, & Green) (Sizes US6-10 UK8-12 EU36-40)


Must be following me!

Reblog as much as you would like, but don’t spam your followers, please!

No Giveaway Blogs!

Giveaway Ends December 1st!!


If you have ANY questions, check my tag “gq,’ and if it’s not on there, please ask away!


Please do not continue spamming or you will be disqualified.

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